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Tenant Coordination

All TC Services, such as drawing reviews, sign reviews, criteria updates, and correspondence with tenant and tenant vendors, can be handled efficiently and remotely by Blue Rocker Design LLC. 

A coordination contact on site should be established early by your team to interface

with our representative to provide background information, required photographs, site condition information, tenant contact information etc. 

All correspondence with tenant and tenant vendors is professional, courteous, and pro-active to ensure they are getting the information and direction they need.

Billing for these services is $125.00 an hour. 2 hr. minimum

Additionally, make use of our visionary rendering services to explore the hidden design potential in your dark retail spaces. This can help establish a sales tool and guideline for potential tenants interested in the space. 

Billing for these services is also $125.00 an hour, with a 4 hr. minimum

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